Monday, October 22, 2007

My shirt has a picture of Superman on it.

So, here are my most current character designs:

On the left is Mel, a dark and hairy forest god type guy. He's got shorter hair than I originally planned on, but this style works so much better. He's kind of like a Satyr, but not at all. (Satyr's are really kind of dirty creatures, and don't wear pants.) Mostly I just wanted to draw someone with hooves and this was my solution.

On the right is Ella, and she's wearing more modern clothing. Her dress is supposed to be one piece, but when I draw it the dress tends to look like a skirt and a shirt. Whatever. I'm trying to go for a muted by sort of colorful palette with her. I really like the colors that I used here, but her hair will probably be brighter yellow just to stand out against all the green imagery.

These are my current background and finished concepts. I don't know what I intend to do with the line colors, because I'd really like the lines to be colored separately. (Ex: hair outline is dark yellow, not blue or brown or something.) For now I'm animating in blue because it's easier to change later in either photoshop or Mirage. The top picture is darker and grayer than the bottom one, because she's supposed to be in shadow standing on the back porch. The bottom one might be the finished colors when she's not in shadow.
I forgot this picture in the last post. This is another original concept for one of the earlier backgrounds. I liked where I was heading with the textures, but over all it didn't mesh well. I don't really know where I'm headed with the backgrounds at the moment, but I want them to go with the one above, definitely. I'm getting better at 'painting' in Photoshop, so I'm planning on leaving the backgrounds for later in this whole process.

This is closer to the new design for the same scene. I decided on more of an alley feeling, like she's walking very alone and enclosed. I also like the overall feeling of drawing out the buildings instead of trying to paint them in without outlines in Photoshop. This drawing was inspired by All Over Coffee by Paul Madonna.

I just like this particular panel of my storyboard. Mel likes sandwiches. I wonder what would've happened if she had brought pasta salad to the hill instead of sandwiches. Perhaps they wouldn't have become friends.

I'm updating because I have to!

Lalala, blog time.

Today, I have to talk about how I came to the current developmental stage of my senior thesis animation. I will call this assignment "Shawn's Guided Tour of the Visual Development of [insert title of film here]." I wish I could actually name my film that. Well, I suppose I could, but no one would know what it was about.

My original plan for this film was to do something that related to my heritage and go from there. Being of 100% full-blooded not-interesting-at-all decent, I latched onto my only known interesting old old relatives from Hungary. Or Poland. Great Gramma sometimes decided she was Polish. But yeah, that was boring. Then I decided to go for a sort of old world-ish, 101 Dalmations approach, after drooling over some Peregoy concept art:

This was all well and good, but someone else already made 101 Dalmations, and old world didn't do much for my drawing style, so I decided to update things a bit. I still am relying on Peregoy's color schemes and general feel, though.

These are my old character designs and background ideas:

Okay, Blogger's being a jerk, so I'm going to do another post with all of my new junk. Yay! Very exciting.