Monday, February 11, 2008

I'm posting again!

This is four seconds of non-stop thrill ride animation. Or something. I worked on this most of the weekend, and while Mel still doesn't move a muscle, at least Ella's movement is fairly fluid. Forgive my lazy apple-falling action, because it just wasn't meant to happen in Mirage this weekend. I plan on making some apples and having them fall like crazy in After Effects. The idea is that one or two fall, so she looks up, then a whole slew of them fall down from the tree and she is surprised. Yay!

Also, because I'm feeling generous, have a background! I crosshatched this using a fantastic brush from Photoshop in the lab. I know it's a bit much. I'm very aware of it. But at this point, I also realize that most of my artwork is going to get blown out like crazy when projected unless I overdo it a little bit. Plus, I like crosshatching :D.


Victor said...

Is it too much to ask for them to be eating fig newtons in this scene? There could just be a box of them somewhere.

Get it?


I'll be here all week... and the week after that. Ad nauseum. Until I graduate.

Sheila said...

Great work, Shawn! Will the apples continue to fall after she moves? (Right now they both abruptly stop together.)

Beautiful, as always!

Andrew Marshel said...

Is Mel gonna snap his fingers or something. Or maybe slap his arms together and nod his head....or twitch his nose. Seriously though, what's Mel gonna do in this?

Her animation looks fluid and graceful. I love the last pose! I can't wait to see the avalanche of apples!!

shawn said...

I have no idea what Mel's going to be doing in this. He'll do something later *lol*.